qBox v1 complete! A lightweight portable fold open penetration testing enabled Raspberry Pi with a wireless keyboard and 3.5″ touchscreen. The device comes pre-assembled in colours of choice with a 1500MaH re-chargeable battery allowing for up to 20 mins of intense scanning or conducting Man-in-The-Middle (MiTM) attacks while on the go.

The device comes with several popular penetration testing tools and frameworks already installed including but not limited to: Metasploit, Armitage, BetterCap, Veil, NMAP, HostAPD & an extra WiFi interface for spoofing, EtherApe, WireShark, and Empire Powershell Framework.

qBox is a custom Raspbian/Debian Stretch hybrid image compiled with Re4son Kernel for optimal touch screen and battery performance. The device has been pre-installed with RealVNC allowing not only VNC connections to the device, but displaying the VNC session in the current desktop session. Most Linux VNCs start a new session and close a new session upon remote viewing. qBox’s RealVNC allows one to pickup where they left off and preserve what they were working on while closing the session. This allows the qBox to be connected to a television via HDMI and controlled wirelessly over VNC by another device and can be very useful for presentations, leisure, or sharing a view of the qBox. Currently display mirroring is only one way with the qBox being displayed on the remote device, but there are plans to make mirroring bi-directional allowing for the controlling devices screen to be displayed on the q-Box or the screen it is connected to.

Contact to purchase or inquire. Pictures coming soon!